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Handbag Versus Purse: The Right Bag for the Right Occasion

Wherever you go, you will hear the words purse and handbag frequently. In the U.S., the word purse is commonly used to refer to all sizes of bags used by women. In other countries, a handbag is a larger bag with multiple compartments that is carried with handles or a shoulder strap, while a purse is a small bag without a strap that you hold in your hand.

Difference between handbag and purse

There is no end to the debate over the use of the term "purse" versus "handbag". The term purse was first used to refer to a small bag in which money could be kept, and this meaning has survived to this day in some countries. However, the word handbag has become established in the vocabulary of society and is now the main term for the bag that women carry on their shoulder to carry their essentials. Everyone knows that both the purse and the handbag store our personal belongings, make us look stylish and set the tone for how we want to present ourselves. They are a status symbol, equally important and much more.

Features of a handbag

At the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century, manufacturers of luggage such as Louis Vuitton began to produce bags that resembled small suitcases. These were the first bags to be called handbags. These functional bags had sturdy handles, many interior pockets and compartments for storage and organization, and a snap closure. A handbag traditionally has several compartments that can hold several items of different sizes, weights and uses. The size of a handbag can vary, but usually it is large, wide and open, with an empty space inside lined with different compartments for storage. So their capacity is large, and although they come in different styles, they all seem to have this characteristic in common. In addition, handbags are also worn on official occasions because of their ability to carry items. Apart from being a fashion statement, handbags are much more useful than purses and very stylish.

Features of a purse

Originally, the word purse referred to a small bag for coins, and in the UK it still does. Larger bags that hold more than just money are called "handbags" in the UK. In American English, the dispute between purse and handbag is much more complicated because many consider the two words to be interchangeable, while others consider the word purse to be obsolete. Even though a purse no longer holds only coins and other money, its capacity is still very limited. Credit cards, cell phones, jewelry and the like are items that are often found in purses. While most people have no problem equating the terms "purse" and "handbag," some insist that their functionality is much more diverse. Purses are used for light affairs that a handbag would be much too large for.

Handbag Versus Purse: What’s The Difference Article compliments of M.L.I.A. November 2022


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