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A Style Guide to Handbag Colors

We buy clothes regularly, but to buy complimenting handbags each time can be very heavy on your wallet.

If you are not someone with a habit of collecting handbag’s, then you can stop reading this now. For the rest of us, we don't want to keep thinking about which bag will go with our outfit today, nor do we want spend money on buying handbags every time we buy clothes.

So here are some colors that you can go for while buying a handbag, so that you can carry the same handbag for various looks. You can go for tote bags, satchels, hobo bags, crossbody, or slings depending on your fashion style, purpose, and need. You should go for bags that have detachable straps so that you can turn them into any style of handbag according to your look, mood, and outfit.

Different bag colors to style:


Black is a universal color. A black purse goes well with your casual dresses and jeans as well as formal wear. Every style guide that you swear by, will suggest you have at least one handbag of black color.

A black handbag will go perfectly with a vibrant look that you have created, or a black sling bag will also blend with a contrasting color outfit. Black handbags are also great for college, office, or casual outings. You can pair it with black footwear if you are wearing a colorful outfit to look more put together.

It is a known fact that black handbags go perfectly with a formal look, but if styled In the right way, black handbags also look very chic with casual outfits.


Taupe colors, our ‘nudes’ are like true saviors when your outfit does not have a uniform color tone. Taupe colors go with every color. You can pair a taupe color handbag with an all-black, all-white, or metallic color outfit. They go with everything.

For formal nights out, a taupe handbag will give you a more elegant look and save you from looking overdressed. Taupe color gives a very chic, elegant, and aesthetic look to your outfit. If you are a working woman, a taupe handbag will be perfect for your daily office bag. A taupe color handbag will look the best when paired with dark tone colors as it will be able to stand out from the overall color pallet of your outfit.


After red, blue is the most abundant color in our wardrobes. Blue looks immensely stylish and gives a royal vibe. You can carry shades of blue to the office, parties, and trips.


A cherry handbag for coffee date, a rose sling for movie date, a crimson purse for cocktail party, a ruby hobo for family invitation, a sangria tote for weekend trip, and a berry shoulder bag for daily running errands - there is a red for everyone.


And last but not least, white. The white color adds a pinch of freshness to your look. A white color handbag will blend magically with a monochrome outfit. You can go for a white clutch if you regularly attend parties and gatherings. It will uplift your look in the best way. A white handbag undeniably gives out a very luxurious yet very low-key look. White handbags can create magic when paired with contrasting colors.

As an added bonus, white handbags go very well in most of the seasons too, from fall, and spring to winter, and summer. White is an understated yet very well perceived color choice for a handbag.

Ready to get started on your next coordinated outfit? Start here:

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